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CHRISTO-LUBE MCG 111 is a chemically inert, oxygen compatible, wide operating temperature range Perfluoropolyether (PFPE) grease which was developed for use in systems where non-reactivity with harsh chemicals including strong acids and oxidisers, fuels and solvents is an important factor.   Uses for CHRISTO-LUBE MCG 111 include all types of life support systems, including open and closed circuit diving systems, aviation oxygen, hyperbaric chambers and medical gas regulators. Other uses include instrumentation, pneumatic cylinders, electrical contacts and switches. Please refer to technical data sheet for typical performance properties.   CHRISTO-LUBE® MCG 111 is suitable for use in applications including electrical contacts, valves, threads, screws, bearings and in systems employing elastomeric and plastic seals, gaskets and o-rings. Although CHRISTO-LUBE®MCG 111 is very inert, newly exposed rubbing surfaces of aluminum and magnesium may react with the grease under certain extreme conditions. CHRISTO-LUBE® MCG 111 meets the specification requirements and has been qualified under Military Specification MIL-PRF-27617F, Types I, II, and III.  


This is the best grade of Oxygen Grease available for general Scuba equipment maintainance, and equipment servicing etc. Do not compare the prices of Christo-Lube with other general Silicone Grease, as they are huge worlds apart.

Christo-Lube MCG 111 2g

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