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The highly coveted Scubapro Go Sport Fins is a pair of light and compact fins that allows divers to travel around due to its lightweight and streamlined structure. It provides a great amount of propulsion and allows for it to fit into any IATA carry-on compliant baggage.


The Scubapro Go Sport Fins are built upon the previous model of "Go" but allow for divers to use it alongside a pair of neoprene boots. The Scubapro Go Sport Fins have been proven to be an excellent pair of fins that allows divers to execute very precise maneuvers with ease. This is attributed to the 25º angled blade which reduces effort when kicking yet creating ample velocity to propel a single tank setup.


The bungee fin straps adjust accordingly to the compression of the neoprene boots at any depth, ensuring the best fit for any diver using any boots. The straps are easily removable, allowing for maximum efficiency when it comes to putting on or removing the pair of fins.

Scubapro Go Sports Fins

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